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Rebuild it and they will come

H-D Evo engine rebuild program

The new Twin Cam 88 may be getting all the attention, but Harley hasn't forgotten there are about a bazillion Evos out there, proudly providing their owners will loyal and loving service. The Motor Company will now rebuild your tired but proud Evo, returning it to you factory fresh and updated to the latest specs.

You begin the re-birthing process by riding (or trailering) your Evo-powered scoot down to your local Harley dealer, where the motor is removed and shipped to its place of birth, the Capital Drive plant where Evos have been manufactured since 1984. Magic is worked, the engine is fully reconditioned and returned to your dealer for re-installation. Voila, you have virtually a brand new Evo, complete with original serial numbers and a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The only variance from brand new engines is the slightly oversize pistons and crankpin. The price is a very reasonable $1995 for silver engines and $2195 for black-and-chrome.

And the price is the same, whether rods are sticking through the cases or compression is just a little on the low side. That's because every motor gets the same treatment regardless of condition: a complete disassembly, inspection and remanufacture, including head, cylinder and flywheel rebuild, paint removal and reapplication, and hot testing. All this is done in a state-of-the-art engine facility by some of the same folks who built it the first time. Kinda makes you feel sentimental.

So how long will you have to wait? The factory claims they'll have your Evo back to your dealer about two weeks after they get it. But you might not recognize the old girl when she comes back, because along with all the inside work, she'll get 1999 cosmetics; aluminum powder coat replace older bare aluminum and new black powder coat on black-and-chrome motors. If the covers are trashed they get replaced - all part of the deal.

So if your lovely iron lady is getting a little stubborn at the start and sluggish on the uptake, see your dealer about Harley's engine remanufacturing program. We say it's two large well spent. 



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